• Having more than 10 well-organized companies in the field of HEALTH, food supplements and food,
  • With over 50 years of experience in these three areas that are so crucial to the quality of our life and our longevity expectations, 
  • Having always in mind, in all our life but also in our career, not the profit and the glory, but the endless happiness that we can get, by helping our fellowmen,

We passionately love people – the ultimate creation on our planet

  • Based on the founded, proven and accepted wisdom and knowledge of the fathers of medical science, which are accepted by everyone – Asclepius, Hippocrates, (through Plutarch who finally wrote to us):
    “Body is nothing but an organ of the soul ” – Asclepius.
    “Your medicine is your food”
    – Hippocrates 460 BC

    God created sickness, but he left healing to nature”– Paracelsus 1493-1541.

By carefully studying the evolution of diseases, one can finally find that medicine and pharmacology are on the wrong path:

  • One in four suffers from cancer.
  • One in four suffers from diabetes.
  • One in three has a stroke and loses his or her life, stays disabled or even does not understand what is happening to him.
  • One in three suffers from heart diseases and may even lose his or her life.
  • One in five suffers from life-threatening respiratory illnesses and may even lose his or her life.
  • The shelves in pharmacies have been filled up with stronger and stronger antibiotics, which on the other hand,  have created stronger and stronger microbial strains and viruses.
    All the above mentioned facts happened, because we have forgotten, or on purpose ignored:

That man, this perfect creation, is gifted by nature with an immune system (and not only), capable to fight any illness (cause).
That the pharmacy of nature is the only one that can solve our problems and promote health quality.
Finally, that healthcare, all along our history, has been an object of trade and exploitation and not a matter of offering it to humanity and giving love to suffering people.
Knowledge and wisdom come from the ancient past, despite technology moving faster and faster towards the future!

So, having all these as guidelines:

  • We have created an expanding group of eminent scientists of all relevant specializations, who have identical principles and visions with us.
  • We collaborate daily, through research programs, with more than 10 universities and health-research institutions worldwide.
  • Finally, we have established five R & D companies and we are implementing their research results: